Day #2


Day #2:

I’m grateful that I woke up today.

Are you wondering what happened to me? Why should I feel grateful for something that we all take for granted? We all wake up in the morning, don’t we?

No! We don’t. 89,000 people who went to sleep last night did not wake up this morning. They just passed away. And their loved ones are having a miserable morning now. One million people are grieving this morning because their loved ones did not wake up today. And another one million are grieving the loss of their loved ones during the day yesterday. Two million people are having a horrible day today.

But luckily I am not one of them today. So I’m grateful that I do not have to feel that pain they are going through now.

We take life for granted. We take our next breath for granted. Nothing is certain in our life except death. It is inevitable and the more prepared we are to face it, the happier and more fulfilled our life in the moment.

Would you like to know what you can do, to feel more alive and blessed today?

Take a few moments to do a small exercise. Grab a pen and paper and write down the answers to the following questions.

  1. What is the one thing you would do now if you knew this was the last moment of your life?
  2. What are the three most important things you would do for the next one hour if this was the last hour of your life?
  3. What are the ten most important things you would do for the next 24 hours if you knew this was the last day of your life?

Now, go through this list and see which items you can actually do, while you continue to do what you must do today. Go do them now!

Live your life in the present. Every moment is a gift. Use them well. Your life will be well lived.

Live. Love. Enjoy.

Breathe gratitude at every breath. You are lucky to be alive.


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