Day #5 – 50 days of gratitude


Day #5:

Yesterday was Super Moon night. The largest ever moon seen in recent times, showed up on the Eastern skies and we were treated to shimmering moonlight over the oceans and over every patch of water visible from my balcony. It was a beautiful sight that left an indelible memory. My wife and kids were equally mesmerized by this beautiful sight and each of us peered into the moon to discover how many craters we could identify in it. I’ve heard about and done some sun gazing. But it was the first time that I was doing moon gazing.

I am grateful that I could see this for myself because I got back home early enough to catch this sight. I live on the 20th floor and I could see the moon rise over the ocean waters, even though the sea is a few kilometres away. I was thankful for all these blessings that helped create this memory.

The moon means so many things to so many people. Some love it. Some fear it. When we are out for a walk and it is not visible, we miss it. We want it to go away when we want to show off the stars to our loved one.

“When you look up at the moon remember that I am looking at it too and thinking about you”? Corny as it sounds, many young couples would have made this promise to each other. And they would have looked up at the night sky to get a glimpse of the moon to keep their promise. I’ve done it too. What about you?

The coolest thing in the sky for us is the moon. Thank you dear Moon for putting up this great show. Thank you for being up there to guide the ships, wandering souls and all the night people out there. Your light means the world to a lot of us.


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