Day #6 – 50 Days of Gratitude


Day #6:

If you are living in Chennai, and driving in or out of Chennai from the suburbs you might have noticed that the toll booths are unmanned now and we don’t need to pay toll for the last few days. Each time when I pay the toll, there is a strong sense of being cheated. Toll booths are to be located outside the city on highways only. But here in Chennai on the OMR, the toll is located well within the city limits. There is no difference between the city road and the toll road. There are signals, pedestrian crossings, cross-roads, badly laid roads, service roads that are missing or taken over by hawkers and more such irritants that do not occur on regular toll roads.

We are unable to get the government to shift the booth to the outskirts of the city and we quietly pay up every day. The odd time that we get to scoot through, without paying, typically when you are in front of an ambulance, makes you feel happy that we are one up on this scam. However now, with the demonetisation of large notes by our PM and the subsequent shortage of notes of all denominations, the toll booths are unmanned for almost a week and we don’t need to wait endlessly in queue to go through the toll gate and best of all no payment.

I’m grateful for this respite and I’m even more grateful that we have a PM who is willing to take tough decisions and stick to it till date.

There are many wrong things in governance that we have put up with all our life. We have taken it as a given, that we have to live with corruption, black money, cheating, dirty politics, terrorism, etc. We believe that there is no cure for this. But here is one man who begs to differ and who is willing to take tough decisions and stick to it whatever the cost. Our PM is living proof that we don’t have to put up with all the wrongs around us. He is willing to go contrary to popular opinion and take decisions that can cost him his post or worse still, his life. Hats off to this man.

Mr Velumani of Thyrocare said in a speech that I was privileged to hear a month ago, “There is no such thing as a good or bad decision at the time of taking it. Take a decision and make it good”. It looks like our PM has also heard the same speech and is sticking to make this decision good. Thank you for doing what no PM before you did. This demonetisation and the other initiatives of yours to root out black money will bear fruit eventually. Stick to your decision and make it good. Ignore the naysayers.

I am looking forward to living in this country as a free Indian. Free from the scourge of black money and parallel economies. I have prayed for our liberation from their tyranny. And it looks like this could be the time of our second freedom struggle. Yes, we may have some struggles now. But if it’s for a larger and better cause then so be it.

I’m grateful that I’m here now at this time of dramatic change.

Image contributed by VC Venkatesh.Thank you VC.


One thought on “Day #6 – 50 Days of Gratitude

  1. Just caught up with the last few days blogs. So beautifully put. Yes. Tough decisions versus Popular decisions. Tough decisions call for surgical removal of cancer putting the patient thru pain. But its good for the patient. The cancer of corruption has eaten the innards of this country and made it hollow. The OMR example is bang on as to how we put up with misgovernance and extortion.
    P.S: Please write a blog on Karma too sometime. What goes around comes around. So lets be good and civil.

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