Gratitude – Day#8

Day #8:

Today I would like to thank my wife Radhika for being who she is and for what she is doing for me, my kids, my family, and my world. For the last two decades, she has celebrated with me all the good times, suffered with me all the bad times, witnessed and accepted my faults, put up with my snoring and all the quirks and warts that are part of me.

It’s not like it was a fairytale wedding, and a made-for-each-other kind of relationship. It’s not always been pure acceptance from her side for all my faults. But she is loyal to a fault and has stuck with me through thick and thin. We’ve had our arguments, fights, raging tempers, walk-outs and more. But we’ve always come back together and stand up for each other.

My wife has had to put up with so many changes that she could not have imagined before our marriage, however, she has adapted, taken care of me, borne my kids, brought them up into fine young gentlemen, adapted to my family, my friends, my hobbies, my likes and my dislikes. She’s given of herself, taken up a business to earn more money for the family when we needed it, managed home, housekeeping, cooking, teaching the kids, taking care of all our affairs and still smiled, laughed and enjoyed life.

A wife and mother is a superwoman who is able to juggle all her responsibilities and the responsibilities of each of the family members and still look cool and relaxed when we return home in the evening. How does she do it? She is a friend, lover, wife, mother, cook, maid, partner, confidant, odd-jobs helper, teacher, mentor, daughter, sister, business owner, neighbour, accountant, money manager, administrator, and more. These women are amazing and we should thank God that He has given us such a strong partner to share our life with.

I’d like to thank from the bottom of my heart, my wife Radhika for all that she has done for me and my family and still continues to do so with a cheerful countenance. The world will never be what it is, if not for you. Thank you!


Ps: Pssst! Today is my wedding anniversary. I’m yet to buy a gift for her.:)

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