Day 9: 50 days of gratitude

Day #9:

social media.jpg

This morning when the alarm rang on my mobile, I sleepily woke up, put off the alarm and look at the notifications on my phone. I see that I have 24 notifications on FB, 26 emails, 18 unread messages, etc.  While I was sleeping, others have been busy and my phone is keeping me abreast of their activity. It’s not only today, almost every day this is the routine. I look at my phone and I’m informed of what is happening in my extended world.  I’m sure most of you have similar experiences daily.

If you are over 20 years old, you would remember a time when there was no mobiles, no internet, no social media as we know it and no overload of information clamoring for our attention. When we needed to talk to someone, we either had to meet them in person and speak or make a telephone call and over a scratchy connection try to be audible and attempt to hear correctly what the other person is saying. Life was slow-paced. We had few relationships but they were deep and intimate.

Today we have thousands of friends and tens of thousands of followers who are aware of what you are doing and what you are thinking, thanks to Social Media.

Before the age of Internet, Facebook and YouTube only an influential few could air their views and opinions and be heard by millions. Today anyone can be an author and publisher. Anyone’s views can be shared with a large number of people. If you have something worthwhile to write, say or show, there will be an audience for you. It has democratized the power of publishers of yore. However, along with this power comes the scourge. There is a plethora of articles, audios and videos on every topic under the sun.

When FB and YouTube debuted, I used to spend hours reading up and watching innumerable articles and videos. Today I go for months without reading anything on social media. If I do log in, I spend a rationed few minutes to do my work and get out. Otherwise, I’m seduced to thinking I’m busy, but I’m just going from one article to another without imbibing or practicing what I’m learning.

Too much of a good thing is bad. Remember that if you put too much salt (or sugar) in a dish it becomes inedible. Too little and it tastes bland and unpalatable. The right quantity at the tight time is the secret. Know what is the right quantity and the right time for Social Media and Emails. Otherwise, it takes over your life and you get indigestion.

Thanks to Social Media we are in touch. Use it wisely and it will empower you and give juice to your life.

Live. Love. Enjoy Life.


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