Day #11: 50 days of gratitude

Day 11:

Welcome back. Today, I had a peek into how we handle relationships, take decisions and lead our life. I bumped into an old friend of mine when I was out for a walk this morning. I had lost touch with him for some time and I’d been meaning to meet him or speak to him.  A few weeks back I was told something about him that I found very difficult to believe. But since everyone was saying this about him, I gave them the benefit of doubt and parked my arguments till I had spoken to him and got his version. It hurt me that he had not spoken to me about these things and that I had to learn it from a third person. However, I did not call him to find whether any of this was true and went about my life, with this doubt still unclear. Luckily I had not made up my mind that it is true. I just parked it to be handled later.

So today when I met him by chance on my morning walk, I could ask his side of the story. Luckily I found that he was still true and the other people were spreading false information. This was such a load off my mind to find that there was no betrayal or fall in standards and that there was just a lot of misinformation being spread willingly or unwittingly.

Many of you may have had similar experiences. Some of you may have immediately called and verified the facts. A few may believe the stories. Some others may just go about it carrying this doubt but not getting it cleared one way or other. But whatever we have heard leaves a mark to rear up at some later date. Rumour mongers may do this wilfully or sometimes without really knowing the consequences. But a rumor or a fact twisted to suit one’s needs can leave untold misery on the subject and the recipients. We need to be sure about it before we pass on anything we just hear or read.

I’m blessed that I tend to speak to all the parties concerned before coming to conclusions, especially when it is negative information about people I know. It is always better to hear it from the horse’s mouth than to rely on some hand me down facts. Any information can be twisted, turned, corrupted and out of shape when it changes from mouth to mouth. Do your own research. Let the information resonate with your inner being before you believe and act upon it.

I’m grateful that I have this inner sense of balance to know when to believe and when not to believe something. If there is a rare occurrence when this inner resonance has been proved wrong, I discover that the Creator was playing a role for me to have those subsequent experiences that were a consequence of the decisions I took.

Get in touch with your inner voice. Let it guide you through the plethora of information being thrown at you daily. Choose the right ones. Take the right decisions. Or better still whatever decision you took, make it right and align it with your value system.2636


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