Day 12 – 50 days of gratitude


Day #12:

I love Tuesdays. I’m part of BNI Azpire which meets every Tuesday. We meet at 7:00 am and network between our members and our visitors till 8 am. Have the formal meeting till 9:30 am. And then continue our discussions over breakfast and disperse around 11:00 am. In this time, I would have discussed with at least three people of orders that could be incoming, another three people on the status of various ongoing jobs and sometimes new business opportunities with some members. I would have learnt of at least five new businesses and learnt more about other verticals and categories.

The room is filled with conversations, laughter, large-hearted people, happiness, enthusiasm and buzzing with positive energy that this becomes a place where I recharge for the week. My life as a business owner before BNI and after BNI are radically different.

It could be compared to life before electricity and life after the discovery of electricity. Before BNI, I toiled alone in my business and life was very lonely at work. There was no one to discuss business issues with. There was no exposure to other businesses. I was not growing my network or making new friends. There was no support system that was thinking of helping me grow my business.

Today, after 3 years in BNI I wonder how I did it before. Life is full today. I have made at least 150 good friends through BNI. Not just friends, they are business associates, extended sales network, business owners who champion my cause with their network, and good people who want me to do well. These type of friends we normally make in school and college. But here in BNI, we develop strong interpersonal relationships that are a huge support system at work and in my personal life.

At home, any repair work used to be a chore, and we have to search for the right people to do the job. Now I just have to make a call to my BNI member who is in that category and hey presto the job gets done.

We not only have these weekly business meetings, we also have regular socials with or without our families, have joint meetings with clients and other business owners, get trained on so many aspects of running a business successfully, visit other cities and countries to network with other chapters and explore new business connections and opportunities. We keep expanding continuously in BNI. No stagnation, there is only dynamic movement and growth. What more can a business owner ask?

Thank you BNI for coming into my life. Thank you, dear members, who have welcomed me and made me a part of your inner circle and family.


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