Day 14: 50 days of gratitude

Day 14:

I’m grateful that I’ve completed a baker’s dozen days without a break. Now I’m training myself to look for things to be grateful for during the day. It helps me focus on the things that are going right in my life, rather than the usual pattern of looking at things that are going wrong.

So how does that affect me personally? It keeps me positive. It keeps me confident. It keeps me happy. It keeps me upbeat and optimistic. I’m looking forward to seeing the next good thing happening in my life. Isn’t that a great state of mind to be in? By just looking for things to be grateful for, suddenly it feels like only good things are happening to me. What a shift from two weeks ago when I would critique every slight or misdemeanor happening in my life.

Our life is in our control. Life is not what is happening to me. Life is what meaning I give to the events that happen in my life. Isn’t that a cool thing? By just changing the meaning, or as my mentor Antony Robbins would say, by just changing the label I put on a life event, I can change the way I see it and feel it.

Then why do so many of us feel helpless and despondent about what is going on in our life? We may have lost a loved one. We may have lost some material things. We may have lost prestige or status. We may have lost our peace of mind. Whatever our loss, it is the way we interpret this event that makes us happy or sad, confident or doubtful, strong or weak, fulfilled or unfulfilled.

Try it for today. If you face a situation which makes you feel weak, despairing, sad or confused, change the meaning of the event and choose the meaning that can make you feel strong, upbeat, happy and confident. Go try it. Look for the right things happening in your life. Maintain a journal of them daily. Then you will find that you are looking at things so very differently than before. You are giving a meaning to your life that makes your strong, successful and happy. Go for it.

Ok. I hear some of you say, what if I don’t have money, I have many bills to pay and how can I feel strong and confident about it? What meaning can I give it that will make the bills go away? You are not alone. Many people are in that situation or have been in that situation at some time or other in their life. What can you do to feel more positive about your life at this stage? What can you do to actually pay the bills?

Most people just worry, worry, worry. They worry at the problem every waking moment and go in circles trying to find solutions. Do they succeed? Some do, sometimes. Most people just continue to wallow in the problem. And they get from bad to worse till at some time by some stroke of luck or genius they are able to pull themselves out of it. So did worry solve the problem, or was there something else?

Let’s take an alternate way of dealing with the same problem. Firstly, accept that there is a temporary cash flow problem with you and that payment of bills is getting delayed. Now instead of staying there, let’s also look at what are the things that are right in your money situation. How much are your assets worth? Write it down and feel grateful for it. How much money is due to you from other people? Write it down. How much money do you have at home, or in the bank, or loaned to others, etc? Write it down, whether small or big and feel grateful for it. Deep down grateful. And read it as many times as possible in the day and feel the gratitude course through your veins. You will notice that soon money starts manifesting in your life more often and in larger quantity. Your head clears itself of all the worry and confusion and clarity steps in. You find ways and means to kick yourself out of despair and despondency and find workable solutions to the temporary money problem that you are in.

You can try it for any problem that you face. Write all the good things that are already there and that you are ignoring now because you are consumed with worry, despair and troubles. Celebrate the good things and feel grateful for it. More of it will show up in your life.

Live. Love. Laugh. Be happy.

I’m grateful that I’m able to feel gratitude in tough times and good. This one thing protects and rewards me


Share your experiences here and let me know how it has worked. Implement now!


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