Day 15 – 50 days of gratitude

Day 15:

Yesterday, I attended a wedding of a friend’s daughter. I met several old friends, classmates, and acquaintances who I’ve not seen for many years. There was a lot of laughter, bonhomie, reminiscing the past, meeting their spouse and kids and making new friends and acquaintances.

When I was a kid, my parents used to have get-togethers at each other’s homes almost every week. We used to go to so many functions and social gatherings that we kept meeting old friends and family and making new friends. Life was full of people, laughter, fun times and creating beautiful memories. Today, life is full of gadgets, task lists, responsibilities, meetings, and deadlines. Connecting with people in person is seldom and far apart.

We’ve removed the juice from our life and mindlessly moving from one schedule to another and one deadline to another. Life has turned mechanical and automated. Living in the moment is gone. We’re living in the past or the future most of the times. Like I’m doing now….

I’m grateful that we have these weddings and functions and there are still people who take the time out of their busy daily schedules to attend and connect with others. This art of living is dying, with this deluge of instant messaging and seamless connectivity that wedding wishes are sent electronically and not in person.

Take a few moments every hour to connect with yourself. Every day, call one old friend. Every week have a get-together with different circles of old friends. Rediscover the art of spending time with loved ones.

This will feed your soul and make you happy. Power up your life with happy moments of togetherness.


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