Day 16: 50 days of gratitude

Day #16

Today I would like to thank a special friend. He is a quiet unassuming man, shy, reticent, does not show off or come on strong. If you pass him on the street, you will not notice him. People who have not interacted with him may not realise his potential and his ability to move mountains. But he has this deep well of concern for his fellow human being, a wide circle of friends and well-wishers who will do anything for him, a very high human quotient that oozes kindness and love, and a massive mountain of trust and goodwill that he has built over the decades. His network is to die for and he has assiduously cultivated this over the years without any conscious thought of its worth or future potential.

Why am I mentioning him today? He did something special yesterday for me and I want to acknowledge and thank him for it. He has done far more for me than this earlier. But at that time I was not writing this blog so I shall not bring up all those help that he has extended me in the past. He recently learned that I have started this service of helping professionals, business owners, celebrities and corporates in bringing out newsletters, magazines, books and coffee table books where I’m using my 3 decades of experience in printing, publishing, content creation and graphic design.

Since he knows that I want connections to such people, he connected me to someone yesterday, who is my dream referral. He is another human human, who I have admired from afar for a long time. He is a person who made a deep impression on me when I was just starting my career 3 decades back. A simple, loving, connected human being who is a coach, trainer, speaker, actor, playwright, social activist and reformer among many other tags for this multi-faceted person. It is none other than Mr ******. I’m not going to share the name just yet without his say so. So this person has been churning out millions of words over the last few decades and has impacted hundreds of thousands of people or perhaps millions of them through his workshops, speaking engagements, screen presence and more. But he has not got around to writing or publishing his books.

And I was introduced to him by Venky my friend. I’m so grateful to him. I’ve got an opportunity to work with another fabulous human being to help his words reach out to millions.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me these beautiful people in my life.

Love life. Love the Creator.


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