Day #17 – 50 days of gratitude

Day #17:

Happy Thanksgiving Day

You would have seen this status a lot on FB last week on several of your friends’ pages. American Thanksgiving day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and this is catching on with the rest of the world. Originally it was celebrated to thank God for the Harvest. For thousands of years, the Harvest season was the most important season in the year for mankind. Each country and region had their own way of celebrating it.  In India, each state celebrates Thanksgiving on different days. Pongal in Tamilnadu, Lohri in Punjab, etc.

How should we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the new millennia, where we have moved from agriculture to mechanisation to computerisation and now moving to automation? Should our old traditions still hold fort in this new age?

I believe we need to celebrate every blessing that we have in our life, not just for one day or three days, but for a whole month in December. Every day in December, just post one blessing that you are grateful for in FB or a blog or an email to your loved ones. Through that you would be building the happy hormones that will keep you healthy, wealthy and happy. Your eyes will pour out love and kindness. Your face will glow with gratitude. You will be singing in harmony with the Universe. Your health will be great. Your mood will be sky high. Your relationships will be on song. What better way to sign off 2016.

We can create heaven on earth. Love one another. Appreciate one another. Look for things that you can be grateful for every moment of your day this December. Try it for an hour, and then extend it to a full day, then a week and finally a month. It will become your habit and your life

Can we all celebrate our life together this December? Spread the gratitude. Spread your love. Post one message of gratitude every day to your social network through any means you prefer.

Live in gratitude. Live in Love. Be happy.thanksgiving


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