Day 18: 50 days of Gratitude


Day #18

It was a cold morning today. The air was nippy. Other walkers had mufflers on their ears and I realised that even Chennai could feel like a hill station. The weather is very good in end November this year and it is time for us to dust out our sweaters or jackets and air them out for wearing.

Back at home as I sipped on my tea and looked out at the horizon, I could see that the mist still had a grip on the land and that the sun was struggling to break through it. And finally when it did, I could instantly feel the warmth creep back into my blood and a warm glow of happiness build up inside me. The floors and the walls of my drawing room sucked up the sun’s rays and looked happy to be basking in the warm light.


I wonder how some places in this world are able to survive without the sun for almost six months in a year. How are human beings able to live and flourish there? Since I’m a Chennai boy, the thought of not having the sun for six weeks let alone six months, gives me the shudders.

Life depends on our sun. Without it, we will be doomed. It allows our food to grow. It cleans up mildew, bacteria, and pathogens that could breed and suffocate our environment if the sun wasn’t there to fight them away. My skin glows thanks to the early morning sun. I’m alive and well thanks to the sun.

Many civilisations worshipped the sun. I’m not surprised. Take it away and see what happens to mankind. We need not worship the sun. But we can now and then say a thank you to that lonely soul out there who lights up our world and warms up the cockles of our heart.

Thank you, dear Sun. You give me life, hope, love, laughter and more.


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