Day #19:

Do you have a friend who drops everything and makes time for you, however, busy his schedule? Then you are very lucky and blessed. It is getting rarer and rarer and you need to hold on to him or her and reciprocate the kindness, so you do not lose him or her in this tumultuous busy world.

Yesterday, I realised how precious such relationships are. I have moved my office a few days back and yesterday was my first day there. I was surrounded by tables, chairs, files and ton loads of paper and office equipment. But work had to go on as usual and among the calls, I had to make, was one to a Chartered Accountant in my BNI chapter regarding some chapter related matter. He is a leading VAT (and GST) practitioner, author and lawyer who handles tricky cases both large and small. He was inundated with work and deadlines for VAT audit and filing and was lamenting the fact that he needed a hundred more employees for the next one month to complete the mountain of tasks.

When he heard that I’d moved into this new office just a stone’s throw away from his office, he asked me if I was there and asked me to wait. Within a few minutes he turned up at my doorstep with an employee of his and after finding out how many of us were in office at that time, got him to buy snacks and sweets for us. He ensured that we all ate our snacks and sweets, welcomed us to this neighbourhood and invited me over when convenient. He was with us for just 15 minutes, but it was a whirlwind of love, friendship, concern and warmth that enveloped us for the whole day and made our day a lot easier despite the temporary dislocation and discomfort of our workspace.

He is an extremely busy man and people wait in the queue to meet him at his office. Still, he chooses to make these gestures that sweep you off your feet. I know him for just over three years but he is already a family member and good friend. And it’s not only to me. I see him always smiling at meetings and making life easier for everyone around him. From helping at the buffet counter to ensuring that each member meets visitors and gets connected to people and converts it into business. He is here, there and everywhere, smiling and making people comfortable and touching them with his warmth. He is the same to old or young, fair or dark, rich or poor. No discrimination at all. You will never know when he is in pain due to ill health. When he is in public he is always larger than life and smiling.

They don’t make people like him anymore. God must have thrown away the mold after making them. So whoever you know who is like this, preserve and celebrate their friendship. It’s very rare and precious.

Oops! I’ve not shared his name yet. He is VV Sampathkumar, Chartered Accountant, Celebrated VAT consultant, father, husband, uncle, mentor, Pithamagan, friend and a caring, loving human being. Thank you for being you.


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