Day #20:

This morning I read a small story about a classroom discussion on the 7 wonders of the world. While the whole class and the teacher were agreed on a common list of what are the 7 wonders of the world, there was one child who stayed aloof and did not share her list. The teacher, after noticing this, cajoled the child to come out with her list which she did very shyly and after a pot of persuasion.

While the others had listed man-made structures and monuments such as the Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, etc., her list read as below:

  1. To see
  2. To hear
  3. To taste
  4. To smell
  5. To speak
  6. To feel
  7. To love

The class was stunned and silent. We take for granted some of the greatest wonders of the world. We search outside ourselves for wonders that may not impact as much as what we already possess within our grasp.

Today, I would like pay gratitude to these 7 wonders in our life.

To see is the most wondrous sense that we possess. Our life without sight would be colourless, formless and shapeless. Did you know that we first consume our food through our eyes? It is only after that we use texture, taste, and digestion to do the rest.

To hear is marvellous. There will not be any music without that. We will not hear the sweet voice of our loved ones or hear words that enthral us, move us and energise us in our life.

To taste is to live life fully. Can we describe the taste of jilebis or other sweets and get the same taste? Life without taste will not be worth it for more than 70% of our population.

We smell water, food, people, environment, smoke, and more. Our ability to smell keeps us safe from dangers, lead us to people and things we like and gives us a fuller impression of the world around us. Remove smell and we would lead a severely handicapped life.

To speak is to be heard, understood, loved and ok, sometimes hated too. But the ability to speak gives us an advantage in the world that would be sorely felt in its absence.

To feel is to live life. Without feelings, we may as well be dead. Our emotions and feelings give juice to our life. Feel it. Live it. Love it.

To love…… oh…. what a feeling! Have you ever loved someone truly at least once in your life? It is such an all-consuming emotion that everyone should have fully felt it at least once in their life, for life to have any true meaning. Lucky are those who live in love, who love their family, their friends, their work, their life, their pets, their environment, their society and their country. These are the people, who build our world and make it worthwhile to live in it.

These 7 wonders of our world are what make our life, a life worth living. Thank you, Lord for these fantastic gifts.



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