Day #21:

Rains are back in Chennai today. Many people are scared when they hear that rains are coming and a cyclone may hit Chennai. Before 2015 December, there were very few people who dreaded the rains in Chennai. The only ones who did, were those who stayed in low lying areas or on the banks of the river or lakes in Chennai.  Other residents of Chennai were not perturbed by rains at all before that.

However December 01, 2015 changed all that forever. Millions were affected, hundreds of thousands lost all their worldly belongings and hundreds lost their lives. It changed the way Chennai looked at the rains.

So yesterday after the severe cyclone warning by the Met Dept, the Government declared 2 days holidays for schools and educational institutions as a precautionary measure and advised residents to stay indoors and safe.

Though millions would pray for no rains, I believe that we should pray for adequate rains to replenish the ground water table, fill the lakes and tanks and add storage to our reservoirs to ensure enough water for next year for our city. Too much is harmful. Too little is disastrous. That goes for almost everything in our life, don’t you think?

There is no such thing as a good thing or a harmful thing in life, just as there is no bad person or good person in our life.

The most beneficial thing in our life is oxygen. But if we inhale pure oxygen we will die. It needs to be moderated and mixed with other atoms and molecules to make it useful in our life. Similarly pure distilled water is useless for us and if we drink only that we will die soon.

This is God’s way of telling us that everything in our life has a space, time and purpose for its existence. We limit ourselves by giving it a label and boxing it as good or bad, harmful or useful, etc. If we consider fire as harmful and never use it, our life will never be the same. If we consider arsenic as harmful and ban it in our life, we cannot be cured of some diseases or have the convenience of preserved food.

The same can be said of people in our life. Everyone has both good and bad in them and the side that shows up depends on the situation that they are in. It’s that simple. So branding someone and adding a label to them, limits the way we can relate and interact with them.

Let us take things and people in the right moderation and proportion so that our life is truly meaningful and limitless.

No labels. No judgment. No boxing people and situations into limiting words.

I’m grateful for all the things, situations and people in my life. Even if one of them is changed, my life will not be what it is now. Thank you for being part of my life.

Live. Love. Enjoy.


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