Day #22

Last 3 weeks I’ve been reading a book. It’s not a big book, just 200 and odd pages of A5 size. Normally I would read this in less than 2 weeks. But I’m still only in Chapter 3 – Goal Setting. There is so much packed here that it makes me think, introspect, look within and re-read the paragraphs and sentences and get some fresh insights into how I’m dealing with my life.

I’ve glanced through the rest of the book and I feel that the author has poured all his accumulated learnings and experiences into these pages and given us something on a platter that is worth its weight in gold. Though it’s a book on leadership, it touches upon all aspects of my life and forces me to see where I’m going, why I’m going there and is there some other place I’m supposed to go but I’m not because of life’s distractions. It’s a workshop and retreat combined into one small book.

I thank Anto Vincent for giving birth to this gift to mankind. He’s been very generous in sharing all without holding back and given us a guide to lead our life at the highest level. He has headed the HR practice in many leading Fortune 100 companies – English Electric, Ford Motor Co., etc. He has shared the insights gleaned over 40 years of service leading hundreds of thousands of people and workshops conducted in many countries around the globe. I’m happy and grateful that he has shared all this experience in this book.

The name of this book is:

Leadership Excellence and You!
Master Guide to Leadership Excellence

Author: Anto Vincent

Publisher: Indian Center for Research & Development of Community Education

Price: Rs 400/-



This may look like a commercial promotion since I’m sharing all the details of how to get it. But it has impacted me so much that I believe that many of you could find invaluable nuggets that can radically move your life into a different dimension.

We have the powers to give any meaning to any message we get. If the meaning that you get is going to shift your life to a better orbit, please choose it. Remember, staying in the same place equals death. Only if you are climbing to the next level are you living life the way you are meant to.

If you have not read it yet, get hold of this book and curl up with it in seclusion and rediscover how you could lead life. Do all the exercises. Look within. Explore your potential and your future. This can redefine your life.

Have fun. Be happy. Lead life at the highest levels that you can reach.leadership-excellence-and-you


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