Day #24:

Hi! Welcome back, Today is Day 24 of this series of Gratitude. Did you by any chance think I’m missing today’s post? You are right. I almost did. This morning, I did not have the time to write and one thing led to another that i had forgotten about my commitment to write one post on gratitude every day till December 31. This afternoon after my Sunday siesta, my wife asked me “Have your written your post for today?” I was jolted out of my Sunday laziness and am sitting now to write today’s post.

Today’s topic for gratitude had become clear, my wife. No. Not just for reminding. That is just the icing. Let me start from the very beginning. When I met her first many years ago, she was a go-getter who was building a career and believed in action more than words. She preferred sports to reading, action to learning and had no patience to listen to speeches or attend workshops, except for a baking course.

She looked down on my habit of reading, introspection, diving within to do some internal cleansing, attending workshops and so on that we were as different as chalk to cheese. Her no-nonsense, practical, hands-on approach to life was very different from my approach to life that we were attracted to each other and ended up getting married to each other.

She tolerated my books, my quest for learning and my forays into different disciplines and workshops and staunchly defended her right NOT to read or listen to any discourse that lasted more than 7 minutes. So we ran our lives on parallel tracks and I had given up any hope of her falling in love with learning or self-improvement. I learned a lot from her approach to life and adopted her tactics wherever I needed quick results.

But recently I’ve been noticing that she is showing interest in what I’m writing. In fact this year, she reads my posts every morning and puts like on it. She is showing some glimmer of interest in attending discourses which are less than half a day. And some amount of inner exploration is happening within her and I’m marveling at this slow but gradual transformation. No wonder she prodded me about not posting one today.

She is the pillar of my strength and holds the home fort strong so I can be foot-loose and fancy-free. I’m grateful to have her in my life. I learn a lot from the way she looks at the world and I’m thankful that she puts up with my world view too.

Your spouse is your strength and your award in life. Take care of her. Learn from her. Celebrate her. She can make your life heaven or hell. The choice is yours.



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