Day #28

Day #28:

I’m grateful to my teachers who seeded in me the love of the English language and those who taught me to weave magic with words. I loved reading when I was a little boy and was often found cuddling with a book most times of the day. From Enid Blyton to AgathaChristie to PG Wodehouse and countless others, my love for the language has increased over the years.

I’m blessed that I am now able to use the benefits of this passion into my work. While creating marketing collaterals, newsletters, blogs and articles for my clients I’m able to command the right words for the right occasion. It gives me great pleasure and thrill to be able to weave the magic of language into my daily life and revel in the pleasure it brings to those who care to give me the feedback.


Words are powerful enough to move people, countries, and mountains. Our history is littered with instances of how words changed the world. Whether in political history, economic history or business history, words have held the power to create massive change, sometimes way beyond what the creator intended to do.

In school, you would have learned or perhaps delivered Marc Antony’s speech at Ceasar’s funeral. This speech changed history. You might have listened to the speech of Martin Luther King that lit a fire in his countrymen and changed the future of the United States of America, so much so that they elected a black President a few decades from then.

Even three little words can change the lives and fortunes of million. “Just do it” has changed the fortunes of one company and made it a household name across the globe. Nike was almost going to shut shop at that time, but the swish and the three words made millions for its owners and ensured the longevity of the company.

You can also change your life, your company’s fortunes and the lives of all those who depend on you by using the right language.



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