Day #29:

28 days of Gratitude over and most of them were on topical events. There are some gratitudes that I live with every day and every so often give them thanks. Today I shall talk of one such.

My breath!

I have lived many decades in autonomic mode, where I neither paid attention to the processes happening within me nor acknowledged them. I just took them for granted, until I noticed that, when loved ones suffered or died due to illnesses, it was the failure of one or more of these processes which caused the death or suffering. That’s when I realised that we take for granted many things in our life and only when it disappears or stops working we noticed their absence.

There is someone very dear and beloved who died about 20 years ago. She died very young and after a long illness. I was with her during the last moments of her life. Have you ever noticed that when someone is dying due to chronic illness or old age, their breath gets fewer and further apart? It looks like the next breath will not come. And finally it happens. The time of death was marked as the time when she took her last breath. As long as she was able to take it in and let it out, she was alive. The moment the breath stopped, her life stopped.

Later when I looked back at that momentous event, I realised that there is only one breath separating us from life and death. The value of each breath I take, rose astronomically from then and I became aware and gave thanks to each breath. Everything in my life is thanks to my breath. No breath. No life.

Pay attention to your breath. Savor it. Take it deep and slow. Watch it at the tip of your nose. Feel the cool air go in and the warm air come out. Do it for just 2 minutes and see how you feel.

This is meditation, when you pay attention to one thing only. No other thoughts will disturb you when you pay attention to your breath as it goes and comes out rhythmically.

Stay with your breath for at least 5 mins in the morning and 5 mins in the evening and see how your life changes. The world will spin slower. You can anticipate events. You become calmer. Life can be lived in Technicolor HD.


Have a fantastic day.


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