Day #30:

Fantastic day yesterday. Thank you. Got many things done. It was one of the days where everything on the list got ticked off.

It feels great, doesn’t it, when you are able to complete everything on your task list for the day?

That’s it. Nothing more to write about.

Have a great day……











What? Are you still waiting for more? Then read on….

One of the greatest gifts that you can have is, to have the clarity on what to do and when. When you have the clarity on what to do, you can focus all your energy on it and it gets accomplished effortlessly. This gift can be cultivated too. You can train yourself to do it. Once you develop that ability, your daily routine becomes a breeze. You accomplish ten times more than the next person and without feeling any strain at all.

Making a task list daily is the first step. Then circle the three most important tasks in your list that can have the maximum impact on your life. Concentrate your energies first thing in the morning to complete these tasks. That way even if you got nothing else done that day, you will still feel great. At the end of the day, review and tick off the items completed. You will notice that you are accomplishing more and getting tired less.

Once this becomes your daily routine you will focus only on the IPAs and knock out the IRAs. IPA is Income Producing Activity. And IRA is Income Reducing Activity.

Have a blissful life. Add that in your list J

Be happygratitude


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