Day #31

Sunday again. Lazzzy…. what was I grateful for yesterday?

Ah yes. I went for a longgggg drive. 600 kms. Me and my wife drove down to vaitheeswaram temple and velankanni church. our annual trip. But this time we returned on the same day. 

The highways are improving and the driving comfort is getting better every year.

I love long drives. It’s so peaceful seeing the fields whiz by and seeing farmers in their fields. My eyes get soothed by the blue skies and green fields. 

The purr of the engine and the soft music from the speakers combine to give a relaxed hypnotic state. 

Have you experienced it? We all need to have something that relaxes and rejuvenates us. For me these long drives serve that purpose. 

Thank you for my car. The highway. The company. The music. the fields. The perfect weather. The right lack of crowds. All in all a lovely day.

Thank you for reading this. Now go find your fix. 


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