Day #34:

Yesterday was a day without power, mobile, telephone, internet, lifts and my commute to office. We are still marooned in our housing complex thanks to Cyclone Varada and the copious downpours that rained on our parade. The rest of Chennai is limping back to normal and we at the suburbs will get help eventually or the sun will do its job and bring down the water levels and we will all get back to our normal routine.

This break from the routine is being forced on us for the 2nd time in 2 years, last December and again now this December. My wife remarked at least this way you are paying attention to the family and staying with us and spending time with us.  I didn’t realise that I have been so busy that I have ignored my family for a long time.

Every time God sends us some disaster or circumstance that is uncomfortable, there may a reason that we are unable to perceive. This may be one such.

Many people have suffered a lot more than what I have. Hope they find their silver lining.

I’m grateful that I got this day of rest. I’m grateful that I was able to walk 20 floors up and down three times yesterday without getting exhausted or overwhelmed.


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