Day #36:

It’s four days since we were hit by Cyclone Varada which has severely affected our infrastructure and amenities across Chennai. In my high rise, the lifts are yet to be restored since we have 2 basements and 20 floors, the basement pits are still being dewatered and till it is dried up the lifts cannot be operated. So I have been climbing up and down several times a day. Living on the 20th floor, each trip has to be planned so multiple trips can be avoided.

I’m grateful that I’m able to walk up and down 20 floors 3 to 4 times a day. I’m grateful that I’m fit enough to do it – physically and mentally. Why mentally fit you may ask. I’ve noticed that even people living on the 3rd floor and the 5th floor dread this climb up as much as some of us who live on the higher floors do. Whatever the floor you are living in, the journey seems long and difficult. For the person living on the 10th floor, the 5th floor is just a brief breather point on their journey. For the person living on the 15th floor, the 5th floor and the 10th floor are just brief breather points. Since you know you have to travel further, the stages in between are just wayside stops that you effortlessly go past.

Our mind expands to fit all these wayside stops and prepares for the longer journey and it is not at all difficult to go past them. So it is in life. Depending on what goals we set for ourselves, it will seem difficult or tough. The larger goals make the smaller ones feel like a cake walk and you effortlessly coast past them. So why should we limit ourselves all the time and set small goals and sweat our way up to them? Why can’t we set up much larger goals so that our smaller and intermediate goals get effortlessly accomplished while we have our eyes set on the larger purpose of our journey?

Life is like this climb up the stairway. Depending on our mindset and our larger purpose of life, we can accomplish goals effortlessly or we can sweat it up for every wayside stop on the way.

Keep your chin up. Look up at where you want to go in life. And coast past all these small wayside obstacles and irritants and your journey will be lighter and happier.

Have a fantastic day.



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