Day #37:

Today is my birthday. Waking up early and spending time with myself for the first hour, I went down memory lane as far as I could go to search for those I can give thanks, today. Predictably the farthest I could go was my parents. I’m grateful that they created me and gave me this life. They have made me what I am today. My beliefs, habits, attitudes, emotions and abilities were largely influenced by them.

My dad was a stickler for principles and values. No lies. No cheating. No bribes. No shortcuts. Work hard. Help others. Be useful…. The list goes on. All of them are deeply embedded in me and if I need to change any of the installed beliefs in me, it takes enormous effort and time to do so. I know. I’m working on one such belief system. “The poor are virtuous, the rich are sinners”. This comes from the Church’s teachings as well as his. I know now that it is not true, but I’m fighting with every cell of my body to replace that belief system. So, as you can see, he was a huge influence in my life and I owe my value systems and my life to him.

My mom is a model mom. She took care of us when we were sick, fed us when we were hungry, clothed us, taught us life lessons and ensured that we all turned out to be good human beings. Our family consisted of parents and 6 kids, assorted pets and a bunch of relatives and family friends who became temporary house guests. So there was always over a dozen people to be fed and the aroma of food lingered forever all over our home tempting more visitors to walk in and partake of the feast. Her kitchen was the favourite for many of my friends. I owe my health and my life to her.

Yes we owe our existence to our parents, and yes, we must give thanks to them for our life. But is that the furthest that we can go?

Who is responsible for our existence here? The Creator? My sense tells me that I am responsible for my life here. I chose my parents. I chose my circumstances. I chose the colour of my skin. I chose my financial background. I chose this life to learn the lessons I need to learn so I can become a better person and contribute to those around me so together we evolve to our higher selves. My parents agreed to bear me and bring me in and give me these life lessons so I can grow and expand and fulfill my destiny.

Each of us has chosen to do the same. We are here to learn, to change, to grow, to share, to love, to give, to receive and to get several steps closer to our higher consciousness.

Our birthday is a good day to dive deep and discover our purpose in life and give thanks to all those who are helping us to get closer to our goals.

Thank you for being part of my journey and sharing your time and mind space.

I love you!030d4ebf8786701485be70a3edcf41fc


I felt like sharing my purpose statement:

My life purpose is to find my true purpose (at every moment) and to live it fully and to help others find their true purpose and help them to live it fully, thereby aligning ourselves to our highest good.



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