Day #38

Day #38:

What was I grateful for yesterday? That is a difficult question to answer today. There are so many things and so many people I need to thank yesterday. This post will become too long for you to go through. So I’m going to just pick a few top of the mind events that happened in my life yesterday.

As you know, yesterday was my birthday and I was planning a quiet day with family. At my age, that is considered more appropriate. (If you can believe that) The plan was to visit a temple, church, lunch, visit mom-in-law, mom and siblings in the evening and a quiet dinner at home. However, that was not how it panned out.

The first gift I received in the morning was my tower lift became operational after a 5-day breakdown due to Cyclone Varada. So now I could go down and come up any number of times without having to plan each trip in advance. Next good thing was I could take my car out after getting the puncture repaired and was mobile again. We went out for lunch with my wife insisting on The Brew Room, in Savera while I wanted to go to the Grill Box. This was after initially telling me that it was my choice. So as you might have guessed, there was something cooking which I was not supposed to know about. When we reached the Brew Room, there was a whole load of my friends awaiting us there and it was no more a quiet lunch.

In spite of bad communication networks over the last one week, my friends from BNI had put together a  get-together to celebrate the “big” day. Kandavel, Iswariah, Venkatesh, VVS and Vinod had planned this and got my wife to play along. So here I was with my wife and kids and find many of my friends from BNI who have rescheduled their day to fit in this lunch get-together.

I thank each one of them for making this day special. Kandy, Venky, Ish, Vinod, Mini, Anusha, Jeba, SPSM, Ammu, Geetha, VVS, Lakshmikumar, and the event manager Nams. You guys made my day.

Most times we take our friends for granted. But at times of troubles when they show up and help and at times of celebrations when they show up and drum up the energy, it feels fantastic to know that we are not alone in this journey and our love is shared and reciprocated. For some people, it may be a small effort to rearrange their day and accommodate an engagement of a few hours to celebrate a life event and for some others a big sacrifice, but for the recipient, it’s a huge symbol of where they stand with their friends and well-wishers. We feel great when we are appreciated and taken care of. Thank you so much for making the time and taking the trouble to do this.

A huge thank you for Kandy and the organising team and for my wife for keeping the secret and making this a big surprise.

I’ve not forgotten all those of you who called, texted, emailed, WhatsApped, FB messaged, Linkedin messaged, Telegram messaged…… me yesterday. Some of you sent through all these channels. It was a flood of messages through all these communication channels. What used to be very personal is today very public. What used to be a quiet (or rowdy) get-together among friends and family with a few birthday cards thrown in is suddenly an explosion of wishes across geography and communication channels.

This is a deluge of a different kind that makes one happy. Thank you for making it wonderful.030d4ebf8786701485be70a3edcf41fc


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