Day #39:

A new week starts today, Monday the 19th December and the last fortnight of this year 2016. There is a lot going on in my head, especially the events of the last few weeks that have left visible marks all around us. The landscape is shorn of its green cover and we only see dead trees, cut branches, stark leafless trees still standing and many uprooted trunks. Varada’s presence is all around us. There are posters of a new Chinamma in town the recently passed away Amma in the background. There is support being drummed up for her installation as the new leader in TN. Most ATMs still have downed shutters and the few that are open have serpentine queues of people waiting hopefully to draw a few much-needed currency notes. Banks, of course, have crowds milling with riot police controlling their access to their own money. We have had a very eventful month and that effect is still largely hanging over our heads and dragging down our spirits.

Why am I giving so much negative news in a gratitude post? I don’t know. I’m just overwhelmed by all that has happened in the recent past and no amount of celebration or feel good thoughts are washing them out of my head this morning. I’m human after all.

Being human, I can take the bad with the good, the pessimism with the optimism and the sadness with the happiness. Life is a combination of all of these. I’m happiest when I’ve come out of the toughest times, right side up. I feel very good when I have overcome very bad moods and the smile is coming back to my face. Each of these feelings or states are just other sides of the same coin. And this coin is flipping and spinning all the time.

I’m not going to be down all the time. And I’m not going to be upbeat and happy all the time. Then life will be very boring. Any state of constancy becomes boring and annoying. Change is exciting, necessary and a constant in our life. This change from state to state is what keeps us getting up every morning looking forward to what life has in store for us today. This is what helps every individual who has been knocked down by life circumstances to enter a new relationship, new job, new situation or new day looking forward to a different ending.


I’m grateful for this constant change swirling through my life, knocking off the old and bringing in the new and bringing excitement into my life.

Thank you.



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