Day #40:

Day #40:

Today I would like to give thanks to my craft, the ability to weave words and images together to create logos, brochures, newsletters and more. I have taken this for granted for so long and have pursued other career options and business opportunities too often that I’ve not grown this the way it could be.

Have you noticed how we take for granted the talents that we have? If you are good at something, you seldom give thanks to it nor do you give time and effort to grow that talent to the heights it could go. Instead, you spend time and effort on things that you are not good at but you want to somehow make yourself good at it. In the meanwhile, your real talents are languishing and shrivelling away and never attaining its full potential.


Very few people actually grow their natural talents to the heights that it is capable of growing. Those who do, are lauded as geniuses and they are known far and wide for their talent. While the vast majority of us, ignore our true talents, or seldom use it, and allow it to be dormant or shrivel and die. Look within you to find out which talents you are allowing to decay and which ones you are under-utilising. Dust them up. Put them in center stage. Celebrate them. Let them shine. They will pay you handsomely in return.

“A bird in hand is better than two in a bush” has a whole different meaning now. We invest time and efforts on tasks that we are not cut out for. We ignore the tasks that we can do very well and easily. Why not do these first and do more of them? Allow others who are good at the other tasks to do them for you. Everyone will be happy and each of us will do what we are really good at.

Live life mindfully. Be aware of where you are spending your time every moment of every day.

Give thanks to the talents that you possess. Spend more time in using your talents and growing them more and more.

Your life will be a performance par excellence.



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