Day #41:

Good morning. Welcome back! Today I want to give thanks to FAITH. It is just a five-letter word, but when used well gives you enormous power.

Time and again Faith has saved me. When I lose touch with faith I am invariably pulled back by some event or calamity that joins me back to her.

There are many instances I can tell you about, where it was only faith that saved my life or got me out of trouble. I’m sure you too have many instances in your life where when you got in touch with Faith, she got you out of whatever was ailing you at that time.

When I was on a trek a few years back and it was late, we had not reached our camp, it was pitch dark, the air was thin and I was gasping to breathe, I felt that I may not make it back to my home. I believed that I was out of shape, I was not fit enough to do this trek and that I had jumped in without adequate preparation. I was spiralling downwards mentally and was getting more and more panicked with each step. There was no question of stopping en route for the night and I had to be with the group to reach to safety.

Finally, I had to dig deep and get in touch with my Maker and get His help to see me through. My faith was extremely strong from early childhood and I was able to reconnect and find the strength. It pulled me through that walk and I was able to reach the campsite along with my group.

This is just one of many instances when I found strength in my faith and that helped me overcome problems, obstacles, and calamities.

Yesterday I was once again brought face to face with the fact that I was losing touch with my faith and had to reconnect. I had to undergo excruciating pain for around 3 hours with a medical issue that I had ignored for many years.  I did not want to be admitted in hospital for a cure nor visit a doctor since I’m unable to trust any of them anymore. I request my doctor friends to excuse me. There has just been too much of commercialisation and treatment for the sake of revenues that I’m sick of the formal medical system prevalent today. Though I knew I will get relief if admitted, I still did not want to get trapped into that system.

My father was a homeopath and after his passing, my mother is the informal doctor for me and my family. I called her for medicine and though given it, I did not get immediate relief. A change of medicine was given but the excruciating pain brought me to my knees and I had to surrender completely to my Maker before I saw any relief. Rationalists would say that it was the medicine I took, the passage of time, the body’s ability to self-heal, etc. Believers would say that it was the prayers I said at the deepest pains that brought about the relief and cure. Whatever anyone else would say what I felt and what I believe in is what matters to me isn’t it? It must be the same with you too, right?

I believe that it was my faith in my Creator that brought about the relief, either through the medicine, prayers, passage of time, the body’s healing ability or whatever else that one can point out as the cause of the relief. Through whatever means He works, when I connect with Him and ask for His help, he is there to see me through whatever ails me.

Thank you, dear Faith. Thank you, dear Creator.

You are the Rock in my life.



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