Day #42:

Year-end holidays are around the corner. Soon many families will be packing their bags to visit their home-town, families, friends, or new places to visit. Travel is the biggest learning opportunity. We see new places, new people, new cultures, new food, new customs and new social systems.

My biggest learnings have come when I travelled or read about others’ experience when they travelled.  The most awe inspiring moment for me was over 11 years ago when I first visited the Himalayas. The roads up from the plains are basic and rugged with the constant threat of landslides. The sight of rocks tumbling just behind you where your vehicle just passed can send chills down your spine. But that was not as awe inspiring as when I got down from the vehicle for a break and got my first sight of the Himalayas.


I got down, stretched myself and looked up at the mountain range and saw the mountain stretching up, and up and up. The top was not even visible it was above the clouds. I’ve never seen a sight like this. Till then I had only travelled and trekked in the Southern ranges and the highest point is just around 8000 and odd feet. The Himalayas looked old, craggy and everlasting. And apparently it is the youngest mountain range in the world. It is believed to be between 50 to 450 million years of age as against the earth’s age of 4.5 billion years. I am just a few decades old. I’m less than 6 feet as against the 28000 odd feet of the highest peak in these ranges. And I have a fat head and a big ego thinking that I’m carrying the world’s weight on my puny shoulders, which by the way till then I thought was very broad.

My concerns, troubles and problems were inconsequential to this range of mountains. They were there before me and will continue for a long time after I pass. Why was I breaking my head over these little matters that I had just magnified in my head. These issues will pass and life will go on. The earth does not depend on my solution to this problem to continue spinning around merrily for ages.

That is when I got my life into perspective. My fat head shrunk significantly. My ego became a deflated balloon. I started searching for a higher purpose. I started aligning my life with my higher purpose. I became less possessive and more contributing.

Life got a little bit lighter and more expansive. There were lesser limiting beliefs in my mind. Life became more peaceful and happy.

I’m grateful to all the travels that I have done and I intend to do.

You should too. It’s awesome.


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