Day #46:

We have entered the last week of gratitude. Thank you for being part of this journey. I hope it helped you look within you to find all the people, events and things that you are grateful for in your life. Gratitude is easily one of the most valuable qualities you can possess. It connects you with your creator and the universe and acts as a magnet to manifest more of what you are grateful for.

When you live in gratitude:

  • You are calmer all day
  • You sleep better
  • You are able to take better decisions
  • More of the good things show up in your life
  • You love yourself and others better
  • You are more productive
  • You earn more money and more easily than before
  • You are connected with the Creator and the Universe
  • You do not fall ill that often and even if it happens you are able to deal with it better
  • You have better relationships with people around you
  • Your life becomes more effortless and comfortable even though your productivity has increased
  • You can have a more healthy, wealthy and happy life

With all these benefits available for those who live in gratitude through the day, it makes sense to make more effort to adopt this method. Don’t you agree?

Thank you for staying with me through this journey. Wish you and your loved ones a beautiful end of the year week. Give gratitude to all the lovely things, beautiful people, memorable events and your body for supporting you, protecting you and keeping you happy through the year.


God bless!


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