Day #48:

Hi. Welcome back! 47straight days of gratitude are over and today I seem to have reached the bottom of the well. Today seems to be one of those days when I just want to lie down and rest and shut the world away. I did and I’m feeling a little better and am now sitting down to pen down this message.


I’m sure many of you would have days or moments like this when you just want to shut yourself out from the world and be alone. It is better that we give ourselves that break. If life was all go-go-go, we will get burnt out in no time. Sometimes the night sleep isn’t sufficient to recharge you and prepare you for an active life. So take the rest and bounce back soon. Just as not taking enough rest is bad, taking too much rest can be equally bad too. Don’t give in to the inertia of inaction. Kick yourself out of it and whiz around again, then life brightens up and shines again.

For many years I have had this habit of taking rest from work during the last week of the year, between Christmas eve and New Year day. It’s a great time to reconnect with yourself, your family, your friends, your interests, travel, food, cooking, music, and many other things that you have neglected in your busy schedule. This year I haven’t been able to do it and it is showing today.

The more breaks you take and reconnect with parts of yourself that you have ignored, then new ideas and fresh momentum comes back to you and you discover ways of getting more efficient, more productive and more successful in life.

What are the things that you have ignored in your life but would like to spend more time with? Make a list and put a date against each which is within the next 1 week. Give yourself a treat by taking a break and doing what is on the list. Some things may take more than a week – let us say going to the Himalayas. But you can call a travel operator and book your ticket so that you are committed to doing it at the earliest opportunity. Remember life is short. You never know how much time we have in our life. Carry happy memories rather than sad regrets. Create powerful dopamines by setting some personal goals on your to-do list and achieving them. These can energise and power your life.

Today I’m grateful for these breaks that power my life. They are the much-needed silences between musical notes that create the music of my life.


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