Day #50:

Wow! I’m completing this series today.

Today I give thanks to our Universe, the large cosmic soup in which we live. It has everything that we need, want or desire and also everything that we would desire, want or need in the future. It’s a perfect ecosystem where everything is in its place and time and nothing created is ever wasted. It all goes back to the cosmic soup which manufactures more and more wonders for us for eternity. It is able to take care of billions of people, trillions of living things and squillions of material things and organises everything to play its intended role as well as its malfunction at the intended time. It is mind boggling to look at and study the architecture that creates and regulates this ecosystem.

I give thanks to our earth which is only a speck of this creation but is still too big for me to explore in my lifetime or even in thousands and millions of lifetimes. This world gets proportionately larger as you explore it and shrinks as you ignore it. For the traveller, they discover more and more wonders when they open their eyes and drink in the multifaceted differences that are visible in the community and landscapes around them. If they travel, but stay in the same type of hotels they are used to or eat the same kind of food that they are accustomed to, then that world just shrinks smaller and smaller and the differences and nuances blur before their eyes making life dull, predictable and boring.

I give thanks to my country for its diversity and togetherness; its complexity and simplicity; its technology and its backwardness; its government and its people; its culture and its modernity; and its heart and its soul. Our contradictions are what makes India so vibrant, so resilient, so ancient and so modern. Bharat Mataji ke jai!

I give thanks to my family; parents, siblings, wife, kids, extended families, and friends. They weave a brilliant tapestry of experiences for me that rival the best potboilers I’ve ever read or the best movies I’ve ever watched. Thank you for being in my life.

I give thanks to my body for sensing, capturing and housing all these experiences and powering me forward in my life.

I give thanks to my mind that is still ticking and helping me grasp the enormity of my experiences and developing the right attitudes and responses to adopt in my life.

I give thanks to every cell and atom in my body that is contributing to this lifetime experience.

I give thanks to the emptiness within my atoms, they are a reflection of our Universe and has the capacity to recreate it.

I give thanks to my soul without whom none of this would ever exist.

I give thanks to my Guardian angels who watch over me and guide me every step of the way without interfering with the exercise of my will or decision-making

I give thanks to our Creator who masterminded all of the above and co-creates our dreams and our reality.

Thank you for being with me through this journey. I love you.


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