Hi! Welcome to my blog. Raphael Creations is my creative outlet. Through my work at Raphael Creations, I’m able to assist companies and organisations to communicate effectively to their stakeholders through newsletters, social media, marketing collaterals or corporate communications. Through my work in this blog, I’m able to be a channel for the creator to direct my words and messages so that it can be of maximum benefit to the readers.

I hope you find this blog useful. If you do, please share it. If you disagree with some of my views I seek your forbearance. This is just my point of view and I could be completely wrong. Just ignore that post and go on with your life. Those who resonate will understand. Those who don’t are dancing to a different drummer and that’s ok too.

I’m a soul who is grateful to be where I am now. Many aeons of work of many souls have put me here now. In this life, I’m a husband, father, son, brother, friend, employer, consultant, confidant, counsellor, coach, student, mentor, mentee, and many other  roles that I juggle with on a daily basis.

I love this life. I love the abundance in this world. Everything we can conceive of is available and in plenty. We are richer than the richest kings of the past. We can fly to any part of the world in a jiffy. We can talk to anyone in the world at any time we want without having to wait days and months to get our message across. We can publish our views and be read by millions of readers. Only the richest people could do this in the past.

More such miracles are in the offing. Our world and our life is becoming more and more miraculous and magical. Let’s look at life through a baby’s eyes without the filters and cynicisms that we have become accustomed to and give thanks to our creator for this beautiful life.


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