Newsletters – the most powerful new medium to market your business

Do you have a business or a service to offer and you are unable to interest the right prospects to contact you? Do you feel that without a huge marketing budget it is impossible to attract attention from prospective customers?

Don’t worry! Many people are under the wrong impression that a big budget is required to build a brand identity in a crowded marketplace. But with the right innovations, tools and techniques, one can build a credible pipeline to drive enquiries to your doorstep.

Read on to find out how.

I’m sure you know that in marketing, visibility is the key. Let us say you are a travel agent offering holiday packages to exotic destinations. Let us say that Peru is on your menu this year and you are hoping to send over a hundred tourists to that destination this season.  What is the best way for you to get these people? Taking ads in mainline newspapers or magazines is going to cost you a bomb. Do direct emailers to a tried and tested database is also equally expensive and may still not land in the hands of your prospects. Today, if I want to plan a holiday to Peru, the first thing I would do is go to google and type out holiday packages to Peru. If your name does not come up in the first page, you would need to worry on how you are going to reach your target numbers.

How do you get there? You need to have content on your website, blogs, posts and other social media on Peru and its attractions as a holiday destination. Putting together a social media team that is going to do it for you is effective. But the key is content. If your content is engaging and you have been in touch with your audience over a period of time, then your credibility will be high and they are likely to trust your brand to deliver the holiday of their dreams.

Outsource your content creation to us and get a glossy 8-page newsletter curated and created by us. We will even email it to your database and manage their subscriptions and build your credibility in their eyes. Whenever they are thinking of a holiday to Peru, they are bound to think of you and trust you with their business.

peru-copyCall 9840729580 or email to get started with content marketing using newsletters


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