Day #47:


Good morning!

Today I want to appreciate and give gratitude to some of the most neglected and sometimes most abused components of my life – my body. Without it, I will not be able to have this conversation with you, but I take it for granted and unthinkingly put enormous loads on it too.  If you are a doctor or someone with good knowledge of anatomy and human biology I request you to keep the science aside for the moment. This article is about giving thanks to our body parts and not an exact representation of how it is constructed or how it works.

My feet keep me connected to the ground and our earth. It supports my entire body weight, takes me from place to place, Gives me a chance to activate and energise all organs and parts of my body when it is pressed and prodded during a foot massage. They have given me and my loved ones enormous pleasure and joy while playing footsie under the restaurant tables at stages in my life when it was appropriate and endearing. I give thanks to my feet for the role they have played and continue to play in my life.

My legs are the pillars of my life. I know someone who was very active, extremely productive and the breadwinner of his family who lost one leg permanently in a bike accident more than a decade ago. He is now a shadow of his old self and dependent on others help to see him and his family through life. Only when we lose something do we see its value. I’m aware of the value that my legs give me in my life. I can walk, run, swim, sit, stand, play basketball or badminton because they are here for me. Thank you dear legs, for your stellar role in my life.

My hips are the fulcrum of my life. They hold my torso up and act as a hanger for my legs. They twist and turn when I dance and provide stability when I walk and run. My life will not be the same without them. Thank you, dear hips.

My spine is the central column of my life. They keep me erect, they give me balance and they connect me to all the body parts and functions. They give stability and support to my rib cage and upper torso.  I can write volumes about this body part but I shall save it for another day. Thank you, dear spine for being my backbone of support.

My shoulder blades support my head and act as a hanger for my arms and perhaps even the vertebral column. Thank you dear shoulders, for keeping me up and steady.

My head is my crowning glory. It houses my brain and many important sense organs that life will never be the same without it. Just imagine how gross it will be to walk around without it. Thank you, dear head.

I give thanks to all my body organs for their hard work in keeping me going. There are so many body functions happening in my life while I’m busy at work, at play, at times of rest and even during sleep that it will take pages to enumerate all of them. I give thanks to all of them for taking care of me even though I do not acknowledge them and their role in my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


I give thanks to the nerves, blood, tissues, bones, muscles, cartilages and every cell of my body for their role in my life. You are amazingly hard workers who are faithful to me irrespective of how I have treated you in the past. Thank you.

Today I thank God for creating all these little angels who are taking care of me every second of my life. Thank you.



Day #46

Day #46:

We have entered the last week of gratitude. Thank you for being part of this journey. I hope it helped you look within you to find all the people, events and things that you are grateful for in your life. Gratitude is easily one of the most valuable qualities you can possess. It connects you with your creator and the universe and acts as a magnet to manifest more of what you are grateful for.

When you live in gratitude:

  • You are calmer all day
  • You sleep better
  • You are able to take better decisions
  • More of the good things show up in your life
  • You love yourself and others better
  • You are more productive
  • You earn more money and more easily than before
  • You are connected with the Creator and the Universe
  • You do not fall ill that often and even if it happens you are able to deal with it better
  • You have better relationships with people around you
  • Your life becomes more effortless and comfortable even though your productivity has increased
  • You can have a more healthy, wealthy and happy life

With all these benefits available for those who live in gratitude through the day, it makes sense to make more effort to adopt this method. Don’t you agree?

Thank you for staying with me through this journey. Wish you and your loved ones a beautiful end of the year week. Give gratitude to all the lovely things, beautiful people, memorable events and your body for supporting you, protecting you and keeping you happy through the year.


God bless!

Day #38

Day #38:

What was I grateful for yesterday? That is a difficult question to answer today. There are so many things and so many people I need to thank yesterday. This post will become too long for you to go through. So I’m going to just pick a few top of the mind events that happened in my life yesterday.

As you know, yesterday was my birthday and I was planning a quiet day with family. At my age, that is considered more appropriate. (If you can believe that) The plan was to visit a temple, church, lunch, visit mom-in-law, mom and siblings in the evening and a quiet dinner at home. However, that was not how it panned out.

The first gift I received in the morning was my tower lift became operational after a 5-day breakdown due to Cyclone Varada. So now I could go down and come up any number of times without having to plan each trip in advance. Next good thing was I could take my car out after getting the puncture repaired and was mobile again. We went out for lunch with my wife insisting on The Brew Room, in Savera while I wanted to go to the Grill Box. This was after initially telling me that it was my choice. So as you might have guessed, there was something cooking which I was not supposed to know about. When we reached the Brew Room, there was a whole load of my friends awaiting us there and it was no more a quiet lunch.

In spite of bad communication networks over the last one week, my friends from BNI had put together a  get-together to celebrate the “big” day. Kandavel, Iswariah, Venkatesh, VVS and Vinod had planned this and got my wife to play along. So here I was with my wife and kids and find many of my friends from BNI who have rescheduled their day to fit in this lunch get-together.

I thank each one of them for making this day special. Kandy, Venky, Ish, Vinod, Mini, Anusha, Jeba, SPSM, Ammu, Geetha, VVS, Lakshmikumar, and the event manager Nams. You guys made my day.

Most times we take our friends for granted. But at times of troubles when they show up and help and at times of celebrations when they show up and drum up the energy, it feels fantastic to know that we are not alone in this journey and our love is shared and reciprocated. For some people, it may be a small effort to rearrange their day and accommodate an engagement of a few hours to celebrate a life event and for some others a big sacrifice, but for the recipient, it’s a huge symbol of where they stand with their friends and well-wishers. We feel great when we are appreciated and taken care of. Thank you so much for making the time and taking the trouble to do this.

A huge thank you for Kandy and the organising team and for my wife for keeping the secret and making this a big surprise.

I’ve not forgotten all those of you who called, texted, emailed, WhatsApped, FB messaged, Linkedin messaged, Telegram messaged…… me yesterday. Some of you sent through all these channels. It was a flood of messages through all these communication channels. What used to be very personal is today very public. What used to be a quiet (or rowdy) get-together among friends and family with a few birthday cards thrown in is suddenly an explosion of wishes across geography and communication channels.

This is a deluge of a different kind that makes one happy. Thank you for making it wonderful.030d4ebf8786701485be70a3edcf41fc

Day 25

Day #25: 50 days of gratitude

Half way mark!


Thank you for reading this. Without you, this post would not exist. Have you thought about that? Yes, you! You and I together have created this message. This message cannot exist if you have not seen it. Can you clap with just one hand? You need two hands or surfaces to create the clap. So is a message. You need a sender and a receiver and together they create the message. The sender may mean one thing, the receiver may understand another, but together there is a message that gets internalized and owned by the receiver.

Think about this. Everything in your world and reality is made up of things you believe are there because you were told about it, read about it, saw it, experienced it, etc. Without your engagement with it, that part of creation cannot exist, till you encounter it. What you don’t know doesn’t exist, isn’t it?

Let us imagine a story together. There was this jungle boy who had never seen any humans before and had grown up with flora and fauna for company. He wanders into a suburban area, hungry and confused from a concussion on his head. The passer byes mistake him for a lost traveler and clothe him. He signals that he is hungry and a kind hearted gentleman presses some currency notes into his hand and points him towards an eatery. This boy goes to the eatery, points to what he wants to eat and when asked for money, shakes his head. The eatery owner refuses to part with the food till he gets his money and this poor boy has no idea that the paper that he had stuffed into his pocket was the money that this man wanted in return for the food.  Would he go hungry that day? Yes.

We are all like that poor boy. We have talents, resources, potential and more tucked inside ourselves but we go about like lost souls seeking for alms and forbearance from others. God made us self-sufficient and gave us enough to deal with life. We seek doctors to cure a common cold when the resources to fight it, is within us. We seek soothsayers and holy men to tell us that our life will get better and the dark clouds around us will disappear while all we need to do is to go about our duties aligning ourselves to our higher goals and the results will show up sooner or later.

When any situation shows up in your life, that means you have the resources to deal with it and you are expected to dig in and find it. That’s why the Creator has sent it to you. Find the power within and connect with the power without you and your ability to tap into it.

Help yourself. Help your neighbour. Make this life journey a little easier for each other. Relate and celebrate with each other. That’s the reason why we are put here, to find our higher good through relating with each other and the environment in a healthy and harmonious manner.

Thank you for reading this and following my blog.

Explore. Enquire. Exhilarate.

Be happy!